How can I best prepare for the California Law and Ethics Exam which is a prerequisite to becoming an RDA?

EFDAA is now providing a comprehensive manual that will help prepare the dental assistant to pass the computerized California Law and Ethics examination. This manual organizes the subjects tested included on this exam in a clear and simple manner.

What are the Highlights of the 46 page Review Manual?

Registered Dental Assistant Conditions and Compliance
  • Scope of practice laws
  • Continuing education requirements
  • Licensure renewal
  • License suspension, revocation and reinstatement
  • Conditions and compliance of Diversion program
  • Acts in violation of the law as it pertains to "unprofessional conduct"
  • Patient of record entries
  • Abuse mandated reporting
Dental Professional Ethical Principles
  • Detailed explanation of code of ethics of the American Dental Association; California Dental Association and Dental Assisting National Board
  • Detailed explanation of patient autonomy; non-maleficence; beneficience; justice; veracity; compassion; competence, integrity, professionalism and tolerance.
Test taking strategies

Is their a sample Written Examination Study Questions and Answers to study for the Dental Board examination?

In addition to the 46 page syllabus, you will receive 70 sample study questions and answers that will allow you to review the pertinent information included in this home study program.

Fee: $35

How do I reach EFDAA if I have any questions?

The easiest and most efficient way to contact us is via the e-mail system. Contact us at If you wish to reach us by phone, call 760-200-2851.

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