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Update RDAEF2 Program For The Licensed RDAEF- Tustin, California

Currently licensed RDAEFs are eligible to complete a 318 Hour RDAEF2 Update Program in the following new procedures:

  • Conduct preliminary evaluation of the patient's oral health, including, but not limited to, charting, intraoral and extra-oral evaluation of soft tissue, classifying occlusion, and myofunctional evaluation.
  • Perform oral health assessments in school-based, community health project settings under the direction of a dentist, registered dental hygienist, or registered dental hygienist in alternative practice.
  • Cement endodontic master points and accessory points.
  • Take final impressions for tooth-borne removable prosthesis.
  • Place, contour, finish, and adjust all direct restorations.
  • Polish and contour existing amalgam restorations.
  • Adjust and cement permanent indirect restorations.

Program Information - 2016

EFDAA's 318 Hour RDAEF2 program will be starting again on October 15, 2016 at our training facility in Tustin, California..

Registration Form

Click here to fill out a registration form for the class.

Why enroll in EFDAA’s EF Update Program?  The best reason is that we have an overall pass rate of 90% on the state exam..the highest pass rate of any school in Southern California. In addition, we have the lowest tuition and kit cost and a small class size of only 10 students.

EFDAA’s EF Update program has the following benefits:

  • 76 hours of the mandated hours are conducted in a visual classroom online in the comfort of your own home on evenings through assigned taped lectures..
  • Course enrollment is limited to 10 students per instructor. This small class size allows you to receive individualized assistance, which is critical to learning these complex procedures.
  • Courses are being held in a dental training facility in Tustin, California, which is central to many Southern California cities and has easy access by freeways.

General Program Information

RDAEF2 318 hour program for RDAEFs will be taught in a series of three individual courses that must be successfully completed in sequence within the program.

  • Each course is offered in such a manner that students will have greater flexibility in making their required budgetary and time commitment to complete this program.
  • Students must pass each course with 75% pass rate before proceeding to the next course. A failure of any course will require that the individual repeat said course for an additional tuition or drop out of the program. 

Program Prerequisites

Prior to entrance into the program, the following pre-requisites must be met. Photocopies of the following documents must be submitted with your registration form, tuition payment for Course 1 and the fee for the student armamentaria kit.

  • Valid California RDA license.
  • Certifications in coronal polishing, x-ray and pit and fissure sealants
  • Valid CPR Card from American Red Cross or American Heart Association
  • Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage. (this is a copy of your employer's malpractice insurance)
  • Current employment as a practicing dental assistant.

Participants will need to provide many of their own instruments and consumable supplies which are typically found in their dental office.  An “EF Program Issued Armamentaria Kit” will be required for each student.  The cost of this kit will be $1,600.  It will include items such as a “special typodont” ; over 125 prepared amalgam/composite teeth; amalgam/composite material and much more.

Supervising Dentist Requirements

Now that there is a clinical externship requirement mandated by the Dental Board, a supervising dentist is required.  The responsibility and time commitment for this supervising dentist is minimal. 

He/she must attend only a 2 hour lecture defining the clinical externship requirements of the program, as well as RDAEF management protocol.  Be sure your dentist is available on the following date:  Supervising Dentist Management Lecture Course:  November 12, 2016 - 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM. 

Clinical Requirements - Externship

As part of the clinical requirements for the program, each student will be required to place, contour and finish at least twenty (20) direct restorations in prepared permanent teeth with the following requirements:

  • At least fifty (50) percent of the experiences shall be Class II restorations using esthetic materials.
  • At least twenty (20) percent of the experiences shall be Class V restorations using esthetic materials.
  • At least ten (10) percent of the experiences shall use amalgam.

These procedures will be performed near the completion of the program when the student has demonstrated laboratory competency.  All procedures must be performed under the "direct supervision" of a supervising dentist.

Program Dates and Hours

All students enrolled begin their online and taped education in October 15, 2016. This instruction runs from throughout the program when assigned.

Classroom Instruction - Schedule for Courses 1, 2, and 3
Time: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM each day

Enrollments are based on a first come first serve basis, so enroll early to ensure a seat!

Course 1 

Payment for Course 1 - upon enrollment

October 15 and 16
October 29 and 30
November 5 and 6
November 19 and 20

December 3 and 4

December 17

Course 2

Payment for Course 2– December 28, 2016

January 7 and 8
January 14 and 15
January 28 and 29

Course 3

Payment for Course 3 – February 1, 2017

February 11 and 12

February 25 and 26

March 11 and 12

Course 4 - For RDA Students Only

Payment for Course 4 – February 16, 2017

February 18 and 19

March 4 and 5

March 18 and 19

Program Length

The externship component part of the program will start when the student has maintained laboratory proficiency and must be completed by March 1, 2017.

A mandatory 1 day of instruction will be scheduled prior after the classroom instruction; externship and prior to practical/clinical examination administered by Dental Board. 

Tuition costs as amended for 2016

Course 1 - $4,500
Course 2 - $2,900
Course 3 - $2,900
Mandatory Student Kit - $1,600
*It is highly recommended that students acquire lighted loupes for this course.

What is included in the tuition and “student armamentaria kit”

Tuition provides students with all instruction, instructional handouts and many supplies, such as rubber dam instruments, bench mounts; use of pediatric typodont, etc.  The student kit provides students with dental materials such as amalgam, composite; adult typodont with cheeks; over 125 specially prepared teeth for amalgam and composite; impression material; light cured base material; simulated endodontic teeth etc. that are usually listed by other course providers as required items. Instead of asking students to buy these products through a retailer provider, EFDAA has secured these products at a discounted rate and packaged them for student’s use.

When do I receive information on the additional instruments and supplies that I will need to bring from my office?

Upon receipt of your registration form, payment and acceptance, we will e-mail you a supply list, in addition to other critical information about the program.

When can I enroll in Course 1?

The tuition of $4,500 and mandatory student kit fee of $1600 are due the time of enrollment.  Payment for each additional course will be listed above.  Payments are made in the form of a cashier’s check, credit card or dentist’s check. We take MasterCard, VISA and American Express only. We urge you to enroll early to ensure a seat in the class. We have small class sizes to provide you with the highest quality education.

Cancellation Policy

Due to the complex nature of this program and high demand for seats, no refund can be given to a student after they have enrolled. This includes fees for student kit and tuition for Course 1.

EFDAA reserves the right to change tuition payments or instrument kit at any time prior to the start of the program.

Financial Aid

To our knowledge there are no institutions providing financial aid for this short of a program.  We will be accepting several credit cards and money orders for tuition payment.  You will only need to pay for one course at a time.  It is extremely important to create a budget that includes plans for the entire program tuition.

What is needed to participate in the virtual online classroom instruction?

You will need a computer with a sound card and speakers. Most computers today have these two features.

Attendance Requirements

Attendance to all classroom instruction is mandatory. Participating in the online/taped series is also mandatory when assigned.


In addition to preparing for examinations, after you have gained skill in placing restorations, you will be asked to practice these skills outside of class to gain even more proficiency. These projects will be critiqued by the instructor. Practicing procedures accurately not only is enjoyable, but contributes to competency and success.

Written and Practical/Clinical Examinations

Written examinations will be given online. Practical and clinical examinations will be given throughout the course to prepare you for the practical/clinical state Board examinations. Your continued study and practical application is the key to successfully becoming an RDAEF.

Program Instructor

Experienced educators will be providing instruction for this program.

RDAEF Board Examination Information

All RDAEF graduates from the Update Program will be required to sit and pass a Dental Board administered practical examination. This examination will include:

  • Successful completion of two of the following procedures on a simulated patient head mounted in appropriate position and accommodation an articulated typodont in an enclosed intra-oral environment, or mounted on a dental chair in a dental operatory
    • Place, condense and carve an amalgam restoration
    • Place and contour a nonmetallic direction restoration
    • Polish and contour an existing amalgam restoration

How do I reach EFDAA if I have any questions?

The easiest and most efficient way to contact us is via the e-mail system. Contact us at efdaa4u@earthlink.net. If you wish to reach us by phone, call 760-200-2851.